November 6th, 2011
Organized by Dick Parkes
Photos by Dave Dickinson

Each year we have a fall garage tour referred to as "the Brass Monkey Tour" as it is usually cool and wet.

This year it was a little cool but a great day as we had close to 50 members show up to visit the five different garages.

We had a number of members drive vintage.

As the tour was in November some could not drive vintage as their insurance ran out as of the end of October

The day is started with everyone meeting at the Valleyview A & W for either coffee or a breakfast.

At 10:00 it is time to start your engines as it is time to leave for the days tour.

It's 10am so let's get goingBryan Vye's 1921 Dodge Brothers

Brian Roberts's 1965 Buick

Terry Davidson's 1958 Ford

Ray Henry's 1954 Buick

Volkswagens galore
Otto Oltsman's
Jeannine Wourms '
1st Garage on Tour
Del & Claudine Basaraba

Del has quite a collection of Coke memorabilia

Del talking with Craig Beddie
Members cars parked at Del's while visiting his garage

Bob Gieselman's 1964 Pontiac

Doug McCloy's  1966 Mustang

Ken Hoshowski's 1968 MG

2nd Garage on Tour
Jason Tasko's
Jason's 1940 Dodge
& His 1926  Chev  1 ton
Jason's current project is a 1928 Willys Overland Whippet
Jason showing where he get his extra parts as needed.
Spare tires for Jason to choose from.

The one on the left is patched with metal pieces whereas the one on the right is a brand new tire that still has the label on it.

What a decision to make.
3rd Garage on Tour
Ernie & Marg McNaughton's
Here we got to see Ernie's 1937 V-12 Lincoln Zephyr
4th Garage on Tour
Ken & Lorraine Finnigan
Ken is currently working on this 1959MG Coupe. he was hopinfg to have had it finish in time to take to reno this summer however it did not work out.
Michelle Gieselman & Noella Dickinson
 check out Ken's parts shelves
Brian Roberts & Glenn GallagherBryan Vye checks out the engine
while Dick Parkes talks with Susan Bell

A couple of Ken's finished projects

1962 MG Roadster
1949 MG Y-Touring
Some of Ken's Future Projects
Lorraine was good enough to treat us to Hot Apple Pie & Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate & Coffee
I heard people commenting how good it was.
Thanks Lorraine

Craig Beddie & John Foley dig into the pie while Andy Cordonier and Ernie McNaughton discuss what is happening
Bryan Vye, Virgil Lysgaard &
Marg McNaughton
Terry Davidson & Jake Surline
"So Good"
Lorraine & Marlene Beddie sit and relax
5th Garage on Tour
John Foley
John rushes home to open the garge doors as evryone just about beat him to his garage
John is currently working on a 1964 Chevy. This one is blue whereas everyone expected another red 64.
His shop is so clean you wonder if he works in it however you can see that he does by the progress on the car.
The End
Thanks to Dick for organizing the Tour and those that opened up their garages and made us all feel so welcome.