Organized by Ken Hoshowski
Photos by Dave Dickinson

Ken was busy geting us organized as he had Awards he was going to hand out at the end.
Then he showed
us what to do
Everyone was watching on how we were suppose to do it.

Glenn Gallagher, Don Potts
& Keith Galbraith

Jerry Wallin, Lilian Potts
& Peggy Irwin

John Foley, Otto Oltsman, Elaine Jones
& Lynn Oltsman

Lilian Potts, Jason Tasko, Jerry Wallin, Ken Hoshowski,
Ernie McNaughton & Marg Hoshowski 

Lila & John Foley.
{We found out later that John should have paid more attention to the demonstration}

Jason Tasko, Jerry Wallin,
Ernie McNaughton,
 John & Lila Foley

Lila Foley, Ray Henry & Lynn Oltsman
check computer for scores

While Elaine Jones
prays for a strike
John says watch meI will show you
how it is done

Geri Henry says let me at it.

These are pretty!
What one should I use?

Aim, Pose & Throw
While Ken Hoshowski looks on Keith Galbraith takes his turn
Glenn maybe in the dark here however he took the
Men's High Roller Award

I believe he was more surprised than anyone.
Peggy Irwin was in good form
as she took the

Ladies High Roller Award
Jerry Wallin over does it when he pulls a groin muscle
Ernie McNaughton
releief bowler for Jerry

Marg Hoshowski
soars like an eagle

Jason finishes another turn

Oh well maybe next time
Don Potts says
"I am sure the ball went in here".
"Found It"
... with Keith's help

{Notice Keith's hands are in his pockets}
Men's High Roller: - Glenn Gallagher
Ladies High Roler: - Peggy Irwin
Physis Abilites in Predicting Hidden Score: - Lillian Potts
I Need Glasses: - John Foley {Most Gutter Nalls}
Most Artistic Endeavour for Beauty & Grace While Delivering the Ball: - Jerry Wallin {Pulled a groin muscle}
"Do I have the Correct Shoes": - Jerry Wallin
{It seems that when Jerry left the Executive Meeting he decided to wear John Foley's shoes home.}
Thanks to Ken for a great day.