Oraganized by Bruce Bawtree & John Rostron
Pictures by Dave Dickinson

As most of the Back Roads seem to be south of Kamloops John has us meet at the Barnhart Hall

Here John is giving everyone the instructions
for the day travels.
You can tell that everyone is listening.
Then it was time to hit the road.

John Rostron 1953 Nash

Bruce Bawtree 1932 Rockne

John Foley 1954 Chevrolet

Grant Rice 1948 Cadillac

Dick Parkes 1941 McLaughlin-Buick

Ernie McNaughton 1937 Lincon-Zephyr

Craig Beddie 1960 Oldsmobile

Engel Bouwmeester 1972 Corvette

Ray Henry 1954 Buick

Ton LaFreniere 1967 Ford  Thunderbird

Ken Hoshowski 1961 Pontiac

Ken Finnigan  1949 MG

Jake Surline 1940 Chevrolet

Carolyn Obieglo 1963 Pontiac

Jim Carroll  1973 Ford

Denis Jolicoeur 1966 Meteor
Travelling on the Back Road to Armstrong.
All you have to do is follow the car in front of you.
Our first official stop was at the yard of collector Ron Christian

Leaving Ron's it was a nice drive over to Armstrong to the Blue Cafe located in the Hotel
where John had arranged for us to have a Lasagna  lunch.
The hotel greeted us with welcome signs and
small model cars were set on all the tables.
Following  lunch we had some spare time to kick tires and some went looking through the local Antique Store
and there they saw a banner of the Central Fraser Vally Chapter.

Following lunch it was a short drive to Enderby where we visited the South Enderby flea MARKET
Some parked in the front while the
majority parked in the field out back
Everyone is heading for the bargins
Ray & Jim talk things over
while the ladies
are checking out the bargins

Later in the day at Sicamous when sitting around during happy hour it was decided that it should be purchased.
Ernie McNaughton called his siter and asked her to get it.
When she got to the store it was not there. She asked the store owner what had happened.
He said he only had it on display while the Vintage Cars were visiting town and it was put back in his storage room and yes it was still for sale.
The gang enjoying Happy Hour on the deck at the back of the motel
Ernie & Marg purchased the banner and Marg {Kamloops Governor} presented it to Ray Lamb the Governor of the CFV Chapter at the VCCC annual fall meeting of the
Governor's at Merritt

When it came time for supper John and Linda were the last ones to arrive at the  restaurant.
Even though John had made all the arrangements they got the kid's table as that is all that was left.
Everyone told them when they grew up and started acting their age they would qualify for a big
person's table.
It all added a good laugh to the evening.
During the night it had rained

Audrey & Marge over see the boys working

Before leaving for Three Valley Gap it was time to shammy the cars
Dick does it up right

And  some put on rainex

Ernie does his Lincoln

Tom does his T-Bird    

On the way to Three Vally Gap it was a stop at Craigellachie

This is the spot where the last spike was driven for the
Canadian Pacific Raiway

Jake pretending he is driving the last spike

Ken is practicing his picture taking.

Grant is pointing out the last spike to Engel.

Marlene is waving good bye to everyone.
Arriving at Three Valley Gap

Everyone did their own thing here as there is so much to see.

Carolyn getting just the right picture

The different railroad cars and other items on display in the round house was unbelievable but was hard to get pictures.

By the look of the sky it must be getting close to heading back to the motel.

Ray and Bryan sitting killing some time waiting for everyone else to finish eating before leaving
Sunday was a Twin Anchors House Boat Cruise on the Shuswap Lake.

Ray says he know how to handle this thing
Another great Back Roads adventure getting us to use and enjoy our cars and making some new friendships.
Thanks to John and Bruce for a job well done in the organizing of this tour and cruise