Organized by John & Linda Rostron
Write up by Marlene Beddie & Joy Parkes
Photos by
Dick & Joy Parkes, Don Potts,  Jan Surline,
Jim Carroll, John Rostron, Marlene Beddie, Simon Bawtree

As always, with lots of smiles and chuckles, the Kamloops Group gathered at the A & W in Columbia Square.

As Jim MacDonald from the Vancouver Chapter that had travelled with us on last years tour
was in town joined us for breakfast to wish us well on our weekend adventure.

We had  to be at the bus depot in Merritt to meet John and Linda Rostron {Organizers} to officially start the tour at 9:00am.

We had 32 people and 16 Vintage Cars that attended this great tour that took us from Kamloops
 via back roads past Merritt, Princeton, Hedley, Kermeos
 to the Oliver and Osyoos areas before returning to Kamloops.

The weather was very pleasant
 -- sunny, warm and dry with evenings of light breezes

Everyone was on time at the Bus Depot parking lot in Merritt before we headed up the road to
Princeton and through to Hedley for lunch.

The scenery was awesome - just can't get enough of that fresh air and greenery

Riding and driving Vintage just makes it all the nicer.

Oh for the open road!

Short stop at the rest area before Princeton.


Some of the South Okanagan Chapter

We had a great lunch at the Hitching Post Restaurant in Hedley with some of the
South Okanagan Chapter members.
After lunch we were able to wander around the town to burn off a "tiny"bit of the calories
 that we had consumed before heading on to Twin Lakes Store
(only 20 minutes away) for ice cream.
Shopping at Hedley

"A car tour is just a crooked road between meals and ice cream !"

Next Stop Ice Cream

By 4:00 pm we were at the Observatory at Twin Lakes.
This is a scientific radio controlled frequency site (largest one in North America)
where they have tracked the universe since the '40's.

Who would have known it was there!

One of the scientists gave us a thorough run-down of the history and the advances
they have made  through their computerized studies.
On the trail a couple of snakes were sited near the path which added to the excitement of the day.

Anybody seen where Marg is?  (Hiding safely in her car and glad to be there)

Al was the hero of the day, rescuing their dog from the snakes - eventually!!

Al watching for snakes!

Bruce checks out the
control room.

After the Observatory we continued on to the Cactus Tree Motel in Oliver to check in.

After we got settled into our rooms it was time to grab our drinks, snacks
and head for the outdoor table and chairs in the patio.

The motel had a nice patio area for our before and after dinner social hours.

We got to know each other better through great conversation and banter.  

Following happy hour we found some good eateries where we filled up and then
headed for the motel for a  good night's sleep.

Have you ever know anyone in the car club to go hungry - AT LEAST NOT IN OUR CHAPTER

Happy Birday Jan.

Linda, Audrey, Engel, ?

Ernie, Marg, Frank, Chris, Linda

Charles, Joy Simon, John, Jay

Bruce, Ray, Geri, Lil, Don

Marlene, Craig, Bob, Audrey, Engel

Jake, Jan, Dick, Sue
Jake says this is a morning coffee
as he did not stay all night
On Saturday there was a garage tour for the guys and a quilt tour for the gals.

Fiona and Irv Woods
(South Okanagan Chapter Members)
escorted us on a tour to Glenn Stephen's place to see his treasures

What is that on the hillside?

No not a deer
Just  someone's
future treasure!

Some made a wrong turn and missed the garage tour.
(No names mentioned)
They just got started earlier on the ice cream than the rest of the group.

Dick and Joy found a yummy little bakery to have their breakfast at on Saturday morning.
Dick has a built in homing device when it comes to bakeries.

It continued to be a sunny, hot day as we drove to the Desert Centre just past Oliver.

Who would even know it was there.
A guide took us on a very informative boardwalk tour of the only official desert site in Canada.
It was amazing to learn how many plants and animals can survive in this desert area.
Really worthwhile seeing.
(Thanks John for finding this for us.)

The "pocket mouse" who puts seeds in his outside cheek pockets, then puts them in a burrow,
from which he later gets moisture from, this was one of the fascinating creatures.
Some of the members went to flea markets, etc., rather than risk another "snake in the grass." 

Look close and you can see the
"Snake in The Grass"
Sunday morning found Dick & Joy back at the bakery again to have breakfast
and a get a couple of huge cinnamon buns to take on the road with us.
The rest of the group started their day with a breakfast at the Golf and Country Club
before heading on the back roads through beautiful country side to the
Sunkeya Alpaca Farm owner by Linda and Clay Schultz.
The Alpaca is a small version of the camel family with lovely soft hair.
One little guy was just born on the Wednesday before and was kicking up his heels
and racing around in the sun.
The hosts had a small gift shop where the girls ooed and awed
over he quality and texture of the wool.
Girls shopping at its best.

Bob & Michele Gieselman leaving the Old Welcome Inn
Sunday Evening.

Great way to finish a fantastic weekend.
    - Great Company
 - Good Dinning
- Nice Weather
     - Beautiful Scenery
                  - No one had car problems
    - John bring on the 2014 Back Road Tour
Those that were not staying the extra day left for Kamloops.

For those that stayed continued on with the adventure. From here 7 vehicles
went with Fiona and Irv Wood to Osoyoos via the Black Sage road to Susie Q's diner for lunch
and then onto a winery for samples and purchases also viewing local artist's work.
The others that did not follow did their own tour to Tickleberry's Ice Cream in Okanagan Falls
or went back to Glenn's yard of treasures.

Everyone met again at the motel patio for more socializing before heading for dinner
at the Old Welcome Inn (very English setting) at Gallagher Lake.

It is without a doubt another successful few days thanks to John & Linda.
They are just excellent at exploring these routes and giving us the best time possible.

Happy Motoring to everyone

Marlene & Joy