July 21st 2011
Cruise Organized by : Ed Shaw
Photos by Dave Dickinson

Ed had arranged for us to visit the Kamloops Airport and see the Air Ambulance
It is customary on a Cruise Night to meet at the park and have supper before the Cruise.
It has been so cold and wet we have only been cruising
The following are the brave souls that drove vintage tonight despite the weather

Ed Shaw

Ernie McNaughton

Dick Parkes

Al Paulsen

John Foley

Bob Giselman

Doug Smathers

Bruce Bawtree

Don Moyer
On each Cruise Night we play for the best and worse poker hand.

It was so cool down at the park the first cards were not handed out.

Got to the airport and was going to do it there however our host Syd Cope {member]  was waiting for us so there was no time for a poker game tonight.
We all agreed that it was a great to have this plane available however we hope that personally we never will need the use of it.
Sitting on the tarmack was the medivac helicopter waiting for a paramed team from Vancouver to arrive
They are to make a emergency run to Lillooet to pick up a premature baby to transport to Vancouver hospital.

Medivac Helicopter
When the Lear jet arrived from Vancouver with the parmedic team it was met by a city ambulance to transfer the necessary equipment from the jet to the waiting helicopter as special equipement was rquried rather than what they had aboard the helicopter as standard equipment.
As dusk was fast appraoching they had to move quicly as they had to have this trip compelted before dark
Here Marg & Ken check out the parts department.

Typical employees with their hands in their pockets.
It turns out that Diane had leaned against a the door frame in the shop that was covered with grease so here she is getting bubble rapped for the trip home.