Adopt A Road
Spring 2022
Organized by Sue Wilson & Dave Dickinson
Photos by Dave Dickinson

Here it is Spring and once again time to participate in the City's Adopt A Road program
We do it twice a year Spring and Fall

The day starts out at 10:00 am at the City of Kamloops #5 Fire Hall
located by the Tolko Sawmill in Heffley Creek
Sue Wilson stops by the local Tim Horton's and picks up coffee and Tim Bits
for the crew to enjoy before startting the actual clean up.
As the sun was shining everyone enjoyed the coffee and the time to catch up on things.
With covid out there we have not manage to get together very often as a group
At 10:30 we split up and head out and on to the roads.

We do the road in front of Tolko Sawmill

Bernard & Maryanne King

Lila & John Foley
And across Hwy #5 North as far as the Heffley Creek hall.

Ken Hoshowski

Marge Hoshowski (Too busy to look up)

Peter Sanderson struck it rich finding a pop can

Keith Galbraith hard at work with his coat off

Gerry Wallin

Gerry drove his
1964 Mercury Meteor today

Vicky Wallin

Marilyn Gerow (Could not  find  Gerry for photo)

Gerry Wallin & Geri Henry met as they had each started at opposite ends
Each member has a small bag and when it is full it is left on the side of the road
At the end John Foley patrols both roads picking up the bags for delivery back to the Fire hall where the city collects it.
                                                                                                                                 Ken supervising while Peter does up one of the bags

Ray & Geri Henry arrive in their 1964 Valiant

Maryanne & Bernard

Lila & John

Geri & Ray

Peter talking with Ken
Hoping we see more new and younger members come out for the clean up and picnic when and if we do it in the fall 

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