The city of kamloops has an Adopt A Road program to help keep the roadways and trails
around Kamloops cleaner

As the city helps us out with the storage of our 4 club vehicles.

By us participating in this program it is a way our club giving back to the city.

Sue can be seen here setting up her coffee table.
The workers are treated to a coffee treat before even starting on the clean up.

hanks to Sue for bringing her home made cookies, and picking up the coffee & Tim Bits
from Timmie's on her way out

We meet at 10:00 am by #5 Kamloops Fire Hall at Heffley Creek located by the Tolko Sawmill.

Dave Costain helping himself to a coffee

Clean up starts at 10:30 am after coffee

Art Harms is supervising Bill Pasjack putting on his safety vest before he heads out on the road in regards to the clean-up.
We actually clean two sections of road
The frontage road in front of the Tolko Sawmill and from Highway #5 over to the Heffley Creek Community Hall

                                                  Harm Fransen                                                     Dave Costain                                                             Gerry Gerow

Yvonne Pasjack hard at work

Bill Pasjack

Debbie Fransen & Peter

Carolyn Obieglo

                                  Charlie Pecor

John Duerksen

Elaine Jones
Bernard & Maryanne King

Bill Pasjack returning to the command post after his part of the clean up

Because of the virus the city had temporaily cancelled the Adopt A Road program
This meant they would not pick up what we had collected
so John Duerksen offered to take it up to the Heffley Creek TNRD recycle depot for us

Following clean up we motor down the highway to the Ranch to enjoy our picnic lunches and do some sccializing
The "Ranch" is where the city constucted
the city ball diamonds

The city ball diamonds where constucted on this


The land was purchased 1937 for the Royal Canadian Air Force (and became known as 15X depot)
for emergency bomb storage.
The buildings were constructed in 1938 and were handed over to the Army in 1955 for use as
Ammunition storage depots.
This ammo depot was part of a series of depots running 200km inland from the coast as a
 secondary storage line in the even of an ememy invasion

Fourteen ammunition magazines and twelve operation/storage buildings formerlly occupied these lands.
The site was declared as surplus in 1962 and sold to the Public Works and
Government Service Canada in 1963.
From 1963 to 2003 the former Rayleigh Correctional Facility operated at the site in the former
military operational buildings located along the south-eastern part of the lands.

The City of Kamloops purchased the site in 2010 from the Provincial Government ,
at that time the depot and structures, with the exception of the former the former Rayleigh Correctional Facility,
were removed as part of the City of Kamloops re-revelopment plans
and environmental clean up of the site.
During environmental clean up activities various munitions
and non-munitions debris related to the histrical use of the propery
were uncovered and removed from site.

                          Carolyn                                  Charlie

                    Yvonne                    Bill

            Bernard      Maryanne         Sal           Art

                                                Bernard          Maryanne

                     Harm                        Dave

                       Lila                              John

                                          Gerry                      Marilyn

        John     Elaine                                  Harm

          Sal             Art            Yvonne, Bill, Carolyn
Some members drove their cars




Hope to see you in the fall
when we do it again