Presented by : - Dave Dickinson

Each year the club participates in Kamloops "Adopt A Road" program

Our club has taken on the cleaning of two roads: -

#1] In front of Heffley Creek Sawmill
#2] From Highway 5 over to the Heffley Creek School

Mel & Christi Nordal
{First time out}


                                                    Marlene & Craig Beddie

Bill Kemode

Ron Buck

John & Lila Foley

Judy & Al Paulsen

Ernie McNaughton
{Taking 2nd look at the banana peel
Should I pick it up or not?}

Ken & Marg Hoshowski

Bruce & Simone Bawtree
{First Time Out}
Geri Henry

Vicky & Jerry Wallin
This Spring we had a little something of everything to pick up
as you can  see by the guys loading the truck.

After picking up all the litter we deliver it to the Heffley Creek Fire Hall
for the city to pick up Monday morning.
It is hard trying to get a picture of
everyone together for a
group photo as
we had 25 members
show up to help.
This year we had quite a load
which included a chest of drawers, full size bench seat from a truck
and some 5 gallon buckets filled with used oil.

With this many members helping it only takes about an hour to do the job.
So to finish up the morning there is BBQ & potluck at Dickinson's
This year Jerry Wallin volunteered to be the cook.

To change the menu slightly Chicken Burgers & Hot Dogs were offered.
Well we always knew Al Paulsen was different and he proved it this year as he was the only person to order a hot dog.

         Jerry Fires up the BBQ
 While the ladies had to  check him out to see if he is doing it right.  
Bill Kermode gets one of the 1st burgers.

I ran two of  my cars out so we can use the shop for somewhere to sit and eat should the weather not be the nicest.
If we keep having this much of a crowd show up I may have to move another car out
or ask for better weather
Thanks to everyone for their help and the great food.

Hope to see everyone in the Fall when we do it once again.